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The dashboard was created to help users easily find trends in democratic erosion around the world as well as search for similar cases to their own work. For example, if you are interested in Bangladesh, you can click on the country to see all of the precursors, symptoms, and resistance events that occurred there over the last ten years. You can then look at which other countries have faced similar erosion events and even which precursors preceded these erosion events. Please see the Data Dashboard Navigation Guide at the bottom of the page for assistance using this resource.

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Data Dashboard Navigation Guide

To use the Democratic Erosion dashboard, simply click the different options in the slicers to the right of the graphs to alter the graphs based on country, region, type of event, or year of the event. The region, country, and year slicers will impact all of the graphs on the dashboard simultaneously. The precursors, symptoms, and resistance slicers will only impact the bottom right graph. To toggle between clicking a single option within a slicer and selecting multiple options at once, click the button with three check marks in the top right corner of the slicer. To clear your selections, click the button with a red x in the top right of the slicer. The original pivot tables that are on the dashboard are currently hidden, but they can be unhidden by going to the sheets in the bottom left corner of the screen, right clicking a sheet, and clicking “unhide”. The source data for the graphs is found in the “Data” sheet. To update our dataset, you can simply add it to the bottom of the sheet. The graphs will automatically update with the new data after you’ve closed the document and opened it again.