Instructions for Blog Posts


  1. At the top of the page you will see a a “+ new” and then “post.” Click.
  2. In the title line write “TITLE” by “FIRST & LAST NAME” @ “UNIVERSITY.”
  3. Make sure your main text is written using “Paragraph” formatting; use “Header 4” for headings.
  4. Check your university’s name in the “categories” sidebar. 
  5. Add any “tags” in the sidebar, separating tags with commas.  If relevant, add the region and country/countries about which you are writing in tags.
  6. Set a featured image, either your own or one under Creative Commons Zero license. Cite the image at the end of your post.
    1. Example:  “*Photo by Andrew Worley, “Until We Have Faces” (Unsplash), Creative Commons Zero license.”
  7. Click save draft, preview, and publish as you wish. You can edit the post after you publish it.
  8. Share the URL of your blog post with your instructor as you would regularly submit assignments (e.g. Canvas for Brown students, email to your instructor, etc.).