Democratic Erosion

a cross-university collaboration

Vanessa Ruget

Instructor, Salem State University

Vanessa Ruget is Associate Professor of political science at Salem State University. She
teaches a range of courses in comparative politics, with a focus on developing nations.
Previously, she taught political science at the American University – Central Asia and at the
OSCE Academy in Bishkek (both located in Kyrgyzstan) as well as in France and in Kosovo.
The course she is bringing to the Collaborative is Democracy and Dictatorship, which she
teaches biannually.
Vanessa’s research focuses on citizenship and migration in Kyrgyzstan. Her work has been
published in Problems of Post-Communism, Citizenship Studies, Communist and Post-
Communist Studies, Central Asian Survey and the Nationalities Papers. She was recently
awarded a Fulbright Flex Research Award to Kyrgyzstan. Vanessa received her Ph.D. in
2000 from the University of Bordeaux (France).